Elegant and beautiful second generation prostate stimulator, the Eupho has the patented Aneros hands-free mechanism. The delicately shaped Eupho has a small head and stem which combine for explosive pleasure. The Eupho offers an enticing, appealing shape that tingles and coaxes you slowly to new sensations and uncharted territory. The gentle curves and ergonomic design allow for gradual build-up of physical sensation to lead you to the next level.

Fun to manipulate gently, but probably best reserved for advanced and experienced users who have developed their technique. Specifications: 3/4? diameter at tip, circumference = 2.355? 15/16? diameter at mid-ridge, circ. = 2.94? 1 3/4? from main body to perineum pressure point Made in the USA from FDA approved materials.

  • Next-Generation Model
  • Most delicate, agile and advanced model
  • Thin stem requires strong PC sphincter muscles
  • Most heavily patented model
  • Great for prostate health

EXPANDING THE HORIZONS OF HUMAN SEXUALITY Hands-free Aneros Prostate-Perineum Stimulator. Through its patented, anatomical design, the Aneros provides incredible sexual pleasure by directly stimulating the prostate, which is now being called the Male G-Spot. Backed by years of testimonials from happy customers, and great reviews on the radio, books, magazines and on the web, the Aneros has established itself as the ultimate tool for male sexual fulfillment. The Aneros is much easier and cleaner to use than a finger, and applies much more focused pressure than a dildo or vibrator.

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  • ANE05 (williams)