ANEROS MGX Prostate-Perineum Stimulator

ANEROS MGX Prostate-Perineum Stimulator
Hands-free Aneros Prostate-Perineum Stimulator. Through its patented, anatomical design, the Aneros provides incredible sexual pleasure by directly stimulating the prostate, which is now being called the Male G-Spot. Backed by years of testimonials from happy customers, and great reviews on the radio, books, magazines and on the web, the Aneros has established itself as the ultimate tool for male sexual fulfillment.

The Aneros is much easier and cleaner to use than a finger, and applies much more focused pressure than a dildo or vibrator.

This unusually-shaped small plastic device has two wings and a handle. After its amazingly easy insertion, one of the small plastic wings presses against the prostate inside while the outside wing presses against the external Perineum Point.

Repeated exercise builds strength of anal sphincters and PC muscles so vital in the quality of male orgasm. Users of Aneros report...

  • Increased penis sensitivity which can restore lost erections.
  • Improved strength, hardness, and longevity of erections.
  • Greater orgasm intensity and with longer duration.
  • Incredible dry orgasms which send cascades of pleasure waves throughout the body.

    Since 2002, we have been creating products that give men the ability to experience mind & body expanding pleasures that truly reach the soul.

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