Boning Bohemians Cruise Collection 58

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"Olda is a beast of a man. Sweet as can be, but he's got a fucking huge body and cock. And Olda really knows how to fuck, too. Lubor is the lucky one here, getting Olda’s big cock up his ass and Jason's too. After all three shoot their loads on Lubor's belly, they head to the tub for some good clean fun. After they went home I headed for the tub too, to take a cold shower.

Burley Tanek, with his little-boy smile and endless muscles, is a pleasure to watch in any setting. But when he’s joined by sleekly toned Ladislav, pleasure becomes bliss. The iron bodies of these two Czech hunks melt together as they kiss, suck, and stroke every silky inch of skin. Their mingled moans are proof that they really know how to please each other, especially when Tanek finally gives Ladislav a steady fucking. After shooting their hot loads, they head to the shower and clean each other up

Frederico and Gregor’s long, toned bodies are a perfect fit. These two obviously enjoy kissing and can hardly keep their hands off each other as they suck and then 69. When Gregor tops him, Frederico eagerly takes every inch of Gregor’s 7.5 inch rod. With an intense moan Gregor cums all over Frederico’s chest and it’s not long before Frederico shoots a sticky load onto his own tight six-pack abs."

 Starring: Mack Thomas, Jirka Gregor, Ladislav Bohar, Valo Maten, Joska Kalvoda, Jason Novak, Tom Arnott


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