Colt Big Boy Silicone Anal Plug 3.25 Inch

Description: COLT's Big Boy is the perfect tapered silky smooth anal plug. Made from hygienically superior and body safe premium silicone, this impressive plug features an ace shaped tapered head for easy insertion and sturdy base. Start of with fine point and increase as you go to reach you comfort zone - and then go a little further.

  • Comes in Red (as shown) or Black

- 3.25" x 2.25"/8.25 cm x 5.75 cm
- Premium, solid Silicone, man sized probes
- Smooth and seamless
- Hygienically superior and body safe
- Sturdy base
- Silicone
Sale Price: $24.99

Retail Price: 34.95


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  • ITEM ID: SE-6872-10-2