.Dr. Joel's Professional Pumping System #1

Art meets science in Dr. Joel's Professional Pumping System. This is the Pump System for the serious Pumper who wont settle for less than Maxium results. Famed sexologist and clinical psychologist Dr. Joel Kaplan has developed the first pump that does it all- the pump for the man who demands all the benefits of pumping- both penile muscle expansion and the unparalleled pleasure that only vigorous pumping can bring!

The process for penis enlargement via the vacuum pump is medically referred to as hyperemiation. Individuals have been using vacuum devices for penis and scrotum enlargement for centuries. However, vacuum pump methods are now finally being recognized as an effective and safe method for penis enlargement. In addition, the vacuum pump is becoming the number one medical treatment for impotence, premature ejaculation and a stimulant for body building and sex drive. Yes, your penis can be enlarged, because two-thirds of your penis is made up of tissue known as corpus convernosum. This tissue is expansive due to the lacunar spaces. The vacuum pump method for penis enlargement uses a process medically referred to as hyperemiation. When the penis expansion cylinder is placed around your penis, blood rushes into the muscle portion of your penis. The muscle tissue expands to the maximum,breaks down and then rebuilds into larger and stronger muscles, similiar to body building.

Each Dr. Joel's pump systems set contains: 24 hour technical support line for pump info and instruction at any hour- day or night.(Dr. Joel's pump is the only pump available with this kind of support). Stallion Pumper's lube is the professional choice for the serious pumper who want the performance enhancing qualities of a lub that creates the perfect seal the first time and every time. Plus a daily pumping progress record for the workout that the pumper needs and Dr Joels ingenious method of gauging results.

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