Earthbound Heaven To Hell 2

The Devil (Dean Monroe) rules with a harsh hand and his soulless Dark Angels do his evil bidding, reigning terror over all who cross their paths. The Devil's slave, Rogue (Skyy Knox) refuses to accept this fate and escapes to the world above, making him Earthbound. On earth, Lord (Andrew Stark) is on a mission to find out who's ripping him off, but Snitch (Trelino) gets in his way and he must pay with a powerful pounding. Frustrated by Rogue going astray, the Devil demands his other minions to service him. Dark Angels Sean Zevran, Arad Winwin and Gabriel Alanzo do as they are told in an epic, hedonistic group sex marathon. Lord is angered and equally in need of relief when he orders his sidekick, Alleycat (Armond Rizzo), to ease the sexual tensions built up in his massive dick with a tender yet intense session

  • Starring: Brent Corrigan , Dean Monroe , Johnny V. , Sean Zevran , Skyy Knox
  • Release Date:    05/17/2017
  • Running Time: 110 mins (approx)
  • Themes: Story Line, Muscle Guys, Huge Cocks, Group Sex, Orgies
  • Studo: Falcon

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