Fleshjack Boys Cody Cummings Squeeze Anal Masturbator

If you've ever fantasized about getting to fuck Cody Cummings' tight ass, now is your chance! Molded from the actor himself! Delve into your deepest fantasies with sex toys that replicate the generously sized manhood and tight backside of Cody Cummings. This porn star is known for his size, and these Fleshjack replicas do not disappoint. You've likely seen his performance in some of your favorite videos, and you may have been impressed by the results that he delivers. Now, you can enjoy a realistic replica of his untouched rear or his amply sized member during your solo sessions or in the bedroom with your partner. Experience the Tightness of His Untouched Ass

When you have been working on your performance with stamina training products, a great way to test out your results is with the Squeeze. This replica of Cody’s backside has a perfect, tight opening with ripples that are a true pleasure to feel from the tip of your shaft all the way to its base. As you go inside this sleeve, you may find that the coils are tighter than anything you have ever had the pleasure of entering. This tightness gives way to folds and ripples that stimulate your full length.

The insertable length of the Fleshjack Sensation Untouched and the Fleshjack Sensation Squeeze is 8.5 inches, which should accommodate your member nicely. The total length of this Cody Cummings toy is 9.75 inches, making it easy to hold as you achieve orgasm. If you'd like to mount the Cody Cummings sleeve hands-free, pair it with one of the Fleshjack mounts. Take it for a ride and deliver your deepest thrusts for a mind-blowing orgasm.
Fill Yourself with Cody's Firmness

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