Fleshlight Original Pink Butt Masturbator

You have heard about it, read about it and now is your chance to experience it for yourself. Indulge in a little anal play by sinking your erection into this velvety sleeve. A firm, grippable case, discreet design, and realistic detailing make this offering from Fleshlight a winner.

Superskin material feels soft and pliable as you slide past the detailed anus and into the smooth, tight channel inside. Twist the end cap to adjust your experience; open it entirely for frictionless thrusting, or tighten for a suction sensation each time you pull back. Sleeve is removable for easy cleaning, and can also be submerged in warm water for a few minutes before use for an ultra real sensation.

The hard flashlight-style case ensures discretion, and can also be slid between mattresses or cushions for hands-free enjoyment.

For best results, use with your favorite water-based lubricant and wash thoroughly with warm water after each use. Dry sleeve completely before storage.

Sale Price: $59.95

Retail Price: 79.95


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  • FL701