Genie Masturbator Slip And Slide

In magical times, Genies roamed the earth and gave themselves wholly to the pleasures of men. 1000 years ago, a jealous sorcerer locked them all in bottles to punish them for their wicked ways. Now these trapped Genies are yours to unlock your every wish is their command. Rub the bottle, make a wish, and set your Genie free!!!

Genie In A Bottle Slip and Slide. Come set me free. Test your stamina with this ultra tight, super slippery Water Genie. Load with slick, long-lasting silicone lube and it will stay wet all night, even in the shower. Safe, fun, and perfect for pushing up your staying power. Press yourself into this tight, wet hole as the hot water splashes down all around you. Beaded walls provide intense pleasure from all sides, widening just enough to let you push through with each penetrating thrust. The micro ridged canal stimulates you from all sides, massaging almost your entire length with tight wet bliss. Genie In A Bottle Slip and Slide is a part of the Genie In A Bottle M-Cups.
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