Glow in the Dark Clone A Willy

Make the ulitmate realistic vibrator, moulded on a real penis - YOURS! The kit contains everything that you wouild need to make an ultra-realistic Glow in The Dark copy of your penis and turn it into a fully functioning vibrating dildo. The special edition kit includes - moulding powder, special glow in the dark liquid rubber, Vibrating unit, molding tube and easy to follow instructions. All that is required is a hard cock and water. Requires 1 AA battery (not included.)

Now your cock GLOWS IN THE DARK! This new version of our best-selling Clone-A-Willy Kit casts a fresh light on your relationship with its special glow-in-the-dark material. Just add water to the molding powder and slide your erection into the warm mixture. After a few minutes, pull the mold off and add the special glow-in-the-dark liquid rubber. You'll have a highly detailed replica of your own cock in just a few hours. Add the vibe to make your "clone" BUZZ! Highly detailed instructions plus a 24-hour hotline make it so easy. Latex-free, hypo-allergenic and safe to use on any penis.

What's Included
Custom Molding Tube
A Molding Tube designed to accommodate virtually ANY penis, even the curved ones!
Specially Timed Molding Gel
Warm, Algae-Based Molding Gel is specially timed so you?re guaranteed to get a perfect mold of your ERECT Willy!
Amazing Liquid rubber / Liquid Skin Mix
Allows even the most intricate detail to be reproduced EXACTLY as it appears on the original. Requires NO complicated mixing or heating, and won?t shrink when it cures, leaving a true-to-life, true-to-size replica!
High-Powered Mini Vibrator
Easy To Follow Directions
Simple & Fun step-by-step process allows ANYONE to create their own professional replica quickly and easily.

Sale Price: $44.95

Retail Price: 59.95