Guido Love Doll

Guido Love Doll

This Dude's MAD SEXY... YO! "How YOU doin'?!?" He's Jersey's #1 Juiced-Up Gigolo Suck The Cream Outta His Cannoli He's Gotta BIG, BEEFY SAUSEEGE! Whatta Douche! NOT SEEN ON TV Whatta Friggin' Zippahead! Now you can have your very own version of Jersey's most juiced-up gigolo! Meet Guido, the bronzed-up zippahead with rock-hard abs and more juice than Tropicana. Just add air and this pumped-up douche bag is ready to make your fist-pump and cock hard. He's got a beefy Italian sauseege under his jeans and more lines than loose leaf. Give this greaseball a chance to get in your pants and ride his Italian stallion. Whaddaya stunad?

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