Max 4 Men Max Blast Off Sex Stimulating Balm 1oz

Max 4 Men Max Blast Off Sex Stimulating Balm 1oz
Classic Erotic Max 4 Men Max Blast Off Mojito Mint Flavored Sex Stimulating Balm stats: advanced lifestyle hybrid formula. Water based plus Silicone. Made with L'Arginine, Butea Superba, Maca Root and Niacin known to maximize sexual intensity and energize sex drive. Arginine is an amino acid know to heighten pleasure and stimulate blood flow. Butea Superba Root Extract is known to initiate and maintain strong, longer erections. Maca Root Extract is known to help improve sexual stamina and function. Niacin to help increase blood flow and sensitivity. Why Max 4 Men is the best! Well established brand name and superior reputation. Exclusive, top quality lubricating formula. Convenient flip top for ease during use. After dark pheromone erotic lip nip tingle is always: Paraben free, fragrance free, body friendly. Water soluble. Adult toy friendly. Latex condom compatible. No animal testing. Made in the USA.

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