Nexus Titus Ribbed P-spot Stimulator

Nexus Titus Ribbed P-spot Stimulator

The Titus is a ribbed stimulator made to massage a man's P-spot. The medical grade plastic inserts smoothly into the anus and rests against the P-spot area. The user or a partner can then turn the curved handle to let the Titus massage and stimulate the P-spot. At the same time, the metal trackball on the outside stimulates the perineum. The results can be orgasmic. The Titus measures 4.5" in length and 1" in width.

How to Use:

  • Before using the Titus for the first time remove the rollerball using the tool provided and wash in hot soapy water. The rollerball, once clean can be replaced by pressing the ball firmly into the socket of the rollerball. We recommend that after each session this process be repeated to ensure hygienic operation.
  • We also recommend that the rectum area be cleaned using either a rectal syringe or douche.
  • The first thing to do is relax. As the anus does not produce sufficient amounts of lubricant for comfortable insertion, it is essential to ensure that a liberal amount of water/silicone based lubricant is used. This can be sensually massaged into the rectum area and applied directly to the Titus. This process is important and should take between 10-15 minutes.
  • Slowly insert the Titus with the rollerball positioned underneath the scrotum. Remember the internal sphincter muscles within the anus do not allow things to pass through unless you relax and take it slowly.
  • Once the Titus is fully inserted, relax for 10-15 minutes for the anal canal to become accustomed to the Titus. Try placing your hand on your stomach and breathe in deeply, slightly squeezing your buttocks together as you inhale. Slowly exhale feeling your stomach and buttocks relax. Repeat this process up to 50 times, gradually increasing the intensity.
  • Now start to tilt the pelvic area back and forth allowing the handle of the Titus to transfer pressure to the prostate-perineum area. At this stage, you may stimulate the penis if you prefer. This will bring you close to the threshold of ejaculation. When you feel ejaculation to be imminent, immediately stop penile stimulation and allow the Titus to produce the orgasm.

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