Titanmen Master Tool #1

Titanmen Master Tool number 1. Whether you are a master, you will never get tired of these Titanmen Tools. Perfect shape for anal play. Each with a two-toned black finish and flat base. This larger anal dildo is especially curved for prostate play. The rounded end of this soft, pliable adult toy is gently tilted in order to effectively massage the prostate for intense pleasure. Slick and smooth, the top half features a shiny finish for easy insertion, while the slightly wider bottom edge has a matte, velvety texture for an orgasmic effect. Flat-bottom base can be rested on a chair or the floor for hands free enjoyment, and the flared design ensures safe anal exploration. Dildo warms quickly to body temperature. A sample of Titanmen's titanium silicone lubricant is included


Features: - Anti bacterial - Non-Toxic Formula - Latex-Free - Cadmium Free - Dimensions: 17.8x3.8cm / 7" x 1.54"

Sale Price: $14.95

Retail Price: 19.95


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  • DJ-3200-02-3