Ultimate Personal Shaver Kit

If you like the "trim" or "smooth" look but tired of the nicks and scrapes or the burning creams, get ready for the easiest way to get that look.

The Ultimate Personal Shaver is the best personal shaver currently on the market! It is an excellent shaver that is far less painful than waxing or creams, gets rid of razor burn, and provides perfectly smooth results every single time!

This shaving kit is for both men and women. It could be used for shaving any body part including arms, legs, chest and armpits. This is a dry shaving system, to be used on dry skin only, which means no more special trips in the bath/shower just to remove hair. In our kit, we provide all you need to get amazing hairless skin.

The trimmer is made to only cut hair, not skin so you never get nicks or cuts. The trimmer trims the hair to stubble. The finisher reduces the stubble to nothing but smooth skin. This only cuts stubble, so you can choose a design or use one of our stencils to create a unique and fun look. Also included in the best body shaver kit: a trimmer cleaning brush, a container of talc powder, powder application brush, and 6 fun stencils.

Sale Price: $69.95