Gary and Bill are long time companions, yet their day-dreams tell another story. In their dreams, Gary sucks and fucks a chiseled Adonis who comes to life, while Bill remembers a psychedelic, 1960s orgy where he deep throated multiple men and a Marilyn Monroe impersonator with great gusto. Back in reality, Gary fucks the shit out of a close friend of Bill's, which brings out major issues in the relationship. Good looking men and great sex. Pre-Condom

  • Stars: Jeremy Willis, Jamie DeSeguin, Jerry Fields, Jody Spencer, W. Paris, Rob Andrews, Jim Davis, Chuck Ballard, Danny Brewer, Erick J. Murphy
  • Release Date:    09/05/2017
  • Running Time: 119 Mins (approx)
  • Themes: Classic, Group Sex, Pre Condom Camp
  • Studo: Bijou

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