Cadinot Classics 6

That's right! You'll get wo FULL LENGTH uncut original features by the master of Gay film making... Jean Daniel Cadinot! It's a collector's dream opportunity!! The Painter's Master Stroke and Under the Sign of the Stallion, Both first time on DVD.

Under the Sign of the Stallion 1986 - Jean-Daniel Cadinot, master of erotic photography and film, has created the perfect hardcore erotic feature in "Under the Sign of the Stallion." Incorporating an interesting storyline, with some truly classy, elegantly-filmed sex scenes, Cadinot has rarely come closer to creating a real film. 'Stallion' becomes a fascinating study of the psychology of an erotic author, who has a strange habit of including every person that he meets into his fantasy books. The quiet intellectual guy that lives in the upstairs apartment becomes an obsession for the writer, and he records his compulsive fantasies of the guy in his book. He imagines himself as "The Stallion," a wild and dominant sex addict who is the center of decadent orgies, involving men of all different types and races. When he realizes the intellectual (Luigi Di Como) is impressed and fascinated with his novels, Francois begins to imagine every scenario in order to seduce the boy into a sexual situation with him. These fantasies become some of the most impressive set pieces that Cadinot has ever filmed. Luigi Di Como worked with Cadinot many times, always playing a bully or rapist, and it was quite impressive to see him playing so out of character here, and he proves that he has some genuine acting abilities. Actor Sydney McKenna has worked with the prolific director more than any other performer, and he is featured in an early scene, a beautifully-filmed orgy in a sauna. The music is even better than usual, so good that there should be a soundtrack CD available! One of JD Cadinot's finest works of art.

  • Starring: Alexandre Parrys | Andros Tanis, Claude Leveau, Damien Carrey ,David Bauman , David Colllins , Francois Chatel , Frederic Christopher , Gilles Barthelemy , Jean-Paul Demain , Joel Leclair , Lucien Malard , Luigi Di Como , Manuel Cartier , Marcel Astra , Nicolas Delbas , Nicolas Harket , Olivier Fabre , Patrick Serre , Pierre Tanguy , Piotr Palansky , Simon Vidal , Sydney McKenna , Yannick Baud
  • Release Date:    09/28/2015
  • Running Time: 200 mins (approx)
  • Themes: Classic, Pre Condom, Euro Guys, Huge Cocks, Story Line
  • Studio: Jean Daniel Cadinot


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